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1.About the follow up (stimulation) period of treatment:

a) What kind of monitoring takes place during the stimulation phase of the treatment ?
Ultrasonic measurements and blood hormone levels will indicate the time for egg collection.
b) How many eggs will you be expecting at egg collection?
Ideally 10-12 eggs are expected to retrieve.

2.When will be the egg collection ? 
Egg collection is performed approximately 10 to12 days after induction period.

3.About the egg collection: 
a) Will I have a general anesthetic or sedation during the procedure?
You will have sedation during oocyte pick-up  for appx. 15 minutes and not feel any pain.
b) What pain relief will I need after egg collection?
Some pain killers will be enough after egg collection.

4. Is there anything you can do to improve the quality of the eggs or the sperm? 
Stop smoking if you can do and a healthy diet can also help to keep sperm production at optimum levels.

5.About the embryo transfer: 
a) How many days after egg collection will this be (on average)?
In our centre embryos are usually transferred back into the womb five days after eggs have been collected. This has been our routine practice for the last five years. With the development of new embryo culture media, it has been demonstrated that it may be possible to increase the success of IVF and ICSI treatment by transferring the embryo at day four or five after egg collection. These late stage, pre-implantation embryos are called blastocyst.
b) How do you grade the embryos?
Emryo grading is performed according to number and the appearance of the cells (blastomers)
c) Under what conditions would you freeze any ‘spare’ embryos?
If they are good in appearence it means that they are worth to freeze.

6.How many blastocyst transfer is ideal for me ? 
Patients having blastocyst transfers in our centre will only be able to have a maximum of two blastocysts transferred. This is because published data indicates that the chances of pregnancy following the transfer of blastocysts are high and therefore there is an increased risk of a multiple pregnancy.

7. Will I be receiving (or do you recommend) any additional treatment during this cycle of ICSI (e.g. low dose aspirin, IVIG, heparin etc.) 
We give aspirin and corticosteroids after embryo transfer.

8.How long after embryo transfer will it be safe for me to fly back to home country? 
you can travel 1 day after embryo transfer

9.What are the risks (including side-effects) that we need to be aware of? 
Every patient responds on the ovarian stimulation differently. Sometimes, cases may to be cancelled because of poor ovarian response or ovarian hyper stimulation.
Another main reason for canceling treatment will be none-presence of sperm in the azospermic patient after the testicular biopsy procedure ( Micro-TESE)