About MAK IVF Center


MAK IVF and fertility treatment Centre TZ is in service since 2016 is the first, purely Tanzanian owned and recognized by the Ministry of Health Tanzania.
We offer a wide range of reproductive technologies including, IUI IVF, ICSI, PGD, Egg/Sperm Donation, Gestational surrogacy, Embryo and sperm cryopreservation, intrauterine insemination [IUI] ovulation induction and many others.

Our IVF laboratories are equipped by Modern Equipment to provide safe embryo.Culture condition during treatment to achieve maximum ever-good outcome.

We are located at Mbezi Beach A, Rungwe Street, House no 10, best known as Maguruwe Area .

We serve all patient worldwide and assist in arranging for Transport, Accommodation and much other activity during treatment .
Kindly feel free to request more information via on line form.

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Our profestional doctor

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to IVF services
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